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Dr. Suzanne Reynolds

GP / Child Health (MBBS, FRACGP, DIPCH)

Past Experience:

Originally from the Great Southern, I gained my medical qualification at The University of Western Australia studying in Perth.  


Before General Practice I trained in paediatrics (Child Health) in Hospitals across Perth and Sydney.  Prior to finishing training, I married and changed to General Practice pursuing family medicine, allowing me to offer continual care for my patients beyond hospital discharge.

What I enjoy about being a GP:

As a GP from a farming family, I value the ability to contribute back to the challenges and variety that rural medicine presents me with. I enjoy the diagnostics of solving my patient’s health challenges as their first point of contact. 


Fundamentally for me it’s not just about solving problems it’s about coming in and getting to know you, having someone you can talk to, and knowing that your advocated for. It’s a privilege being on a patients journey through their whole life and helping them by focusing on their needs and health priorities. 

(We all have a life outside of health).

Special Interests:

I take particular interest in Antenatal care, and Child health with my background in Paediatrics. As a rural doctor I enjoy the procedural work, small surgeries, and skin care that presents in this remote and beautiful location.

I have also taken great interest in Chronic disease management, and Palliative care.


But I am more than happy to see you about anything and find the answer!

Personal Interests:

Happily married to my amazing husband with our three children, I love getting out and exploring, hiking, and camping across these beautiful hills and coasts - enjoying the local culture. When not out exploring I am found by a fire with friends, my books, and a large pot of tea. Oh, and I love gardening!


Dr Suzanne Reynolds does not prescribe or consult on contraception.

Please book an appointment with another qualified GP at the practice for these services. 

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