Vaccinating A Child

Doctors offering this Service:


Dr Alex Sleeman

Dr Brett Lamb

Dr Virginia Longley


Dr Christine Archer




Denmark Family Practice offers the full range of vaccinations, including:

  • Routine childhood vaccinations

  • Catch up vaccinations

  • Annual flu vaccinations

  • Q Fever vaccinations

  • Vaccines given during pregnancy and

  • Travel vaccinations. 

For those children needing to catch up on vaccines, our nurses are able to calculate the optimal schedule to bring them up to date with other children their age.


Younger children especially do not have well developed immune systems, meaning they are at a higher risk of infections. Immunisations can protect against serious childhood diseases and it is important that they are administered as per the WA vaccination schedule. 


Make an appointment with any of our doctors who will consult with you prior to a nurse administering the vaccine in the private treatment room. 

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