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Doctors offering this Service:


Dr Christine Archer

Dr Brett Lamb

Dr Virginia Longley


Dr Alex Sleeman

Dr Bianca van der Nest

Dr Suzanne Reynolds

(excluding contraception)

Dr Bianca Van Der nest icon.png
Women's Health

Women have specific health needs at different stages of life. Whether it be advice on contraception, pregnancy care, breastfeeding, menopause, continence, hormonal or sexual health, the Doctors at Denmark Family Practice can assist with your specific needs.

The doctors at Denmark Family Practice can perform cervical screening (pap smears) and breast screening  examinations. If you'd like to be seen by a female doctor, simply book online or ask our Reception staff.

Please note that Dr Suzanne Reynolds does not prescribe or consult on contraception and you should book an appointment with another qualified GP at the practice for these services. 

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