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Doctors offering this Service:

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Contraception & Fertility

The GPs at our medical centre can offer advice and treatment on contraception and fertility for men and women of all ages. Services provided by our team of doctors and nurses include:

  • Contraceptive options consultations for men and women

  • Pregnancy - health checks and pre-pregnancy plan, testing

  • Shared care with your obstetrician during pregnancy

  • Fertility - for couples having difficulty conceiving, we can discuss healthy lifestyle and arrange tests and organise referrals to fertility Specialists as required.

  • Insertion and removal of long-acting contraceptives with our specially trained doctors, including: 

    • ​Mirena IUD

    • Implanon contraceptive implant

    • Other IUDs with specially trained doctors. 

Please note that Dr Suzanne Reynolds does not prescribe or consult on contraception and you should book an appointment with another qualified GP at the practice for these services. 

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